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One Account

My TYPO3 is your centralized account management platform. By registering for My TYPO3, you create one centralized account for all your activities in the TYPO3 ecosystem. No matter if you want to create a Slack account, book online certifications, attend training courses, or buy at the TYPO3 shop. With the My TYPO3 account, you have all services at your fingertips.

Address Management

The address management puts you in full control of all your address data needs in one central place. You can create, edit, and manage addresses for all TYPO3 related matters. No matter if you need to maintain addresses for the online shop, online certifications, or TYPO3 Association Membership, the address management is your tool to keep track.

Company Management

The company management lets you create and manage your company. Invite and manage your members to let your purchasing department take care of your shopping needs. Enable your members to book certifications ahead of time or order merchandise from the online shop for the next staff party in your company’s name.

Slack Invite

Providing quick access to TYPO3 users, developers, and decision-makers from all across the globe - Slack is the favorite chat tool of the TYPO3 community. Discuss your ideas, ask your questions, communicate, and collaborate. Connect to the TYPO3 community, network, and interact.

TYPO3 Association Memberships

Join the TYPO3 Association. Become a member to support the development of TYPO3 CMS, take part in shaping the future of our favorite CMS, and profit from several benefits. Manage your official Association membership in one place, check the runtime of your affiliation, set regularly recurring payments, or upgrade your membership at any time.

Online Certifications

Certifications have become an integral and increasingly important part of customer requirements in the TYPO3 ecosystem. To meet the increasing demand for TYPO3 certifications, providing fast and uncomplicated access to online certifications is a logical step.

Online Shop

In the TYPO3 online shop, you will find the entire range of TYPO3 goods. Discover your favorite TYPO3 brand item, become a member of the TYPO3 Association, book online-certification exams, and check out the latest TYPO3 apparel. Shop to your heart's content.

Professional Service Listing

The TYPO3 business hub is the perfect place to advertise your company, accelerate its growth, and attract new customers to your business. Use our attractive platform to underline your competences and to prove them through case studies, certifications, and service offers.

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